[EN] 1721+ and multiple public ips

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[EN] 1721+ and multiple public ips

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I have a 1721+ modem/router that I want to use to route multiple public ips to mutiple video conference systems inside my local network.
My provider supplies me with one main public ip that gets assigned on the provider's router and over this pppoe connection it gives access to 16 more.
The way that he supplies these ips is by disabling nat on the pppoe connection, this way if I plug a device on any lan interface gets a public ip (one from the 16 mentioned before).

The problem with this is that my units are exposed to attacks, so I want port forward to enable specific ports and not all of them.

I have read the following guide

https://www2.lancom.de/kb.nsf/1276/AD6B ... enDocument

but I don't think it allows some sort of control over the allowed ports.

The devices that need to have internet access are two polycom videoconference systems which don't allow the change of the h323 port.
Because of this I need one public ip address for each unit to port forward the h323 port (1720) and protect the web interface from prying eyes.

Open to any suggestions.
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Re: [EN] 1721+ and multiple public ips

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Hi alxlgtl,

the document is correct but you have to configure the firewall additionally. With e.g. one deny-all rule and a rule which allows the needed port to your internal servers.

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