phpBB2 Mods and Addons from Smartor

Expanding the Mods Database

August 29, 2008 – 10:58 am | by admin

I am thinking about expanding the download database and add more phpBB2 Mods to the Downloads, not only from Smartor so users will find more phpBB2 related Downloads here on the site. Also I am thinking about adding a phpBB3 Section and add a complete phpBB3 Download Area here.

I will think about it and maybe then I will start adding more mods. If you have any comments about this, please post them here….thanks ! Maybe I will need some help with the downloads, so if you are interested please drop me a Message

Download Problems solved

August 17, 2008 – 12:03 am | by admin

Since we upgraded our Software here to the latest version the Mod Downloads did not work. It was no error message, the files just could not be downloaded. The Problem is now solved and Downloads are working again.

More Mods added

August 11, 2008 – 9:44 pm | by admin

We got some more Mods by Upload. Thanks to you guys. I guess the old Smartor Collection is nearly complete now. We have added these Mods today:

Avatar Select on Register 1.0.2
Text-based Visit Counter 1.1.1
Overall Forums Permissions 1.0.2
Editor Mod 1.1.2
Page Loading Mod 1.1.4

Also if you were Active in the old Smartor Forums and you made any Additions to Smartors Mods (like EzPortal or Photo Album) please send us the latest Version you got by our Upload Form so we can add it to the Download Database…Thanks !

Quick Reply Mod needed

July 21, 2008 – 11:54 am | by admin

We don’t have the latest version of Smartors Quick Reply Mod with Quote available. If you can find it on your harddisc please upload it so we can add it to the Mods Database. The latest Version was 1.1.5 and the file’s original Filename was

Thanks !

Thanks to Minc, I got it. It is here now: Quick Reply with Quote

Already added Mods in our Database

June 30, 2008 – 3:26 pm | by admin

This is a list of all Mods that are added to our Database so far. If you have any Mods from Smartor on your Harddisk please send them so we can add them to the Downloads.

Mods added:

EzPortal Mod 2.1.8e
Photo Album Mod 2.0.56a
ChatBox Mod 1.1.9g
Admin Users List 1.1.0
Page Generation Time
FrEaK ‘n’ l33t filters Mod 1.0.0
Hyper Buttons Mod 1.0.1
Configurable Smilies Table Mod 1.0.0
Mouse Hover Topic Started Date
Smart Log In Redirect Mod 1.0.2
View Posters IP on Thread 1.0.3
Quick Reply with Quote 1.1.5

Styles added:

smartDark Style 1.1.0
smartBlue Style 1.1.0

to be continued…

Smartors Mods Download Site

June 30, 2008 – 10:49 am | by admin

We will set up a page here where you can download the latest Versions of Smartors popular Mods for phpBB2. Smartor himself seems to have dropped any phpBB2 Development and the Domain was down for nearly one year now and all old Forum Content seems to have lost. Too bad for all the Tips and FAQs about his Mods. We have picked up the Domain and now we are putting together all the Mods we can find.

We will start adding Mods we have from Smartor very soon so stay tuned.